By August 1, 2018Story

Bakari is originally from Gambia. He is currently residing and working in Malta and he has been there for 4 years.

Malta is completely different from Bakari’s country of birth. The living conditions are different as well as Malta is more of an open society where democratic values are upheld compared to other parts of the world. Bakari describes Malta as being a predominantly Christian country with a Western culture which includes an LGBT community as opposed to Gambia which is a Muslim country with an African culture and no LGBT communities.

When he first arrived it was a bit challenging because he was held in detention, but he was lucky enough to be released after only 6 months and then moved to an open center.

Bakari has many Maltese colleagues that he has a good rapport with and shares close bonds with. They are always willing to help, support and make him feel at home.

Photo and Video credits: Tdh Lausanne / Rania Mustafa Ali