Mohammed Bardan

By February 15, 2019Story

Ahmad Badran, is a 16 year old Syrian refugee in Austria. His dream is to open an orphanage and to meet Ellen DeGeneres. “I want to open an orphanage that would not be as the ones we see in movies, it would something where kids feel very happy at.”

He explained why he loves Ellen in a simple sentence “Ellen helps so many people, she gives away money all the time, she helps poor people, and she makes me laugh all the time.” Ahmad is also a painter, he paints whenever he have free time. And he gets inspired from movies. His favorite musician is Mozart and his favorite movie is “the notebook”.

Ahmad is a very kind young man, with big hopes for the future.

“I think if we could meet more often with Austrians, I mean if there was a way to meet them, I know we will get along so well.” he adds “I do not have any Austrian friends until now.”

Ahmad keeps on hoping and dreaming, and as he said to me, to do his best to be a good person.

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Photo and Video credits: Tdh Lausanne / Rania Mustafa Ali