By February 18, 2019Story

Mustafa is a 17 years old Syrian refugee, leaves in Nancy, France and who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Mustafa live’s alone with only his brother now. They used to live with their parents in the Emirates “We had leave because things started to get bad for Syrians there and they refused to renew our residence permit, so my brother and I had to leave.”

Mustafa explains and then goes on to his dreams, “I wanted to study medicine always, but in the Emirates the universities are very expensive and for a Syrian it is impossible to afford such fees.”

Mustafa also talked about his friends here and that he have very good french friends now, but as many refugees he had problems in the beginning until some of his mates started to talking to him and they became friends.

Photo and Video credits: Tdh Lausanne / Rania Mustafa Ali